One Simple Question

An uncertain sailing journey to find an iceberg in the North Atlantic aboard a small sailboat.

A couple looking for adventure, challenge themselves to simplify their lives by living aboard a small sailboat. Their quest brings them lessons in the joy of a deliberate life, a greater understanding of nature and a new path in the pursuit of happiness and purpose.

Insight from seasoned voyagers Lin & Larry Pardey, Pam Wall, John Neal, Nigel Calder, John Krestschmer, Yves Gelinas, George Day, Beth Leonard and more…

Also learn about the journey of icebergs, and glaciers in Greenland from scientists studying the ice and the impacts it has on our global climate.

The voyage takes them to Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, St. Pierre. The boat is a Bristol Channel Cutter 28. Crew aboard includes a cat.

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